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High Performance Polymers

High Performance Polymers specially developed for 3D printing applications



RadiciGroup is one of the world’s leading producers of a wide range of chemical intermediates, polyamide polymers, high performance polymers and advanced textile solutions.
RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers business area offers a complete range of engineering polymers to meet the needs of many industries including automotive, electrical and electronics, and consumer and industrial goods.

Taking advantage of the Group’s upstream integration and extensive knowledge of polymer formulation and compounding, RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers is ready to meet the needs of additive manufacturing technology with its new product range Radilon® Adline 3D Printing Filaments for fused filament fabrication.

Radilon® Adline Filaments are based on Radilon® polyamide grades, a well-known brand portfolio in the injection moulding and extrusion markets.

Specially developed low-warpage and high-dimensional-stability formulations guarantee the ease of printing with every Radilon® Adline grade, together with the semicrystalline nature of polyamide polymers. The products feature advanced properties such as mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance, thanks to our 40 years’ expertise in compounding.

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Radilon® Adline CS

Polyamide 6/66, natural colour

Low melting point of 195°C makes it suitable for most printers; low warpage; chemical resistance; ductility;
high interlayer adhesion

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Radilon® Adline CS CF10 HP BK

Polyamide 6/66 – 10% carbon-fibre filled, black colour

Low melting point of 195°C makes
it suitable for most printers;
high dimensional stability; chemical resistance; strength and stiffness;
high interlayer adhesion

Other Radilon® Adline grades based on polyamide 6 and bio-based polyamides are currently under development at RadiciGroup High Performance Polymers.

Chemical Resistance
of Radilon Adline CS grades

Chemical Resistance of Radilon® Adline cs grades in comparison to other typical materials used in additive manufacturing


++ Very good + Good 0 Fair – Poor


Radilon® Adline CS NAT: Parts requiring good mechanical and chemical properties, together with semi-transparent and smooth surface appearance

Radilon® Adline CS CF10 HP BK: Parts requiring high stiffness and good chemical properties, as well as excellent surface appearance

Car prototype
made of Radilon® Adline CS CF10

Pressure vessel component
made of Radilon® Adline CS

made of Radilon® Adline CS CF10