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The Falcon 9 made with the BCN3D Epsilon W50

By Luglio 12, 2022Ottobre 6th, 2023Bcn3d, Case study, filamenti, stampa 3D

Print test

Falcon 9 with BCN3D Epsilon W50 


Falcon 9 available on Thingiverse

Print time

Approximately 7 days


BCN3D W50 makes model of the Falcon 9 one and a half meters high

With our BCN3D Epsilon W50 3D printer, we built the prototype of the famous Falcon 9, the reusable two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX, to carry people and payloads to Earth orbit and beyond.

We used a model available on Thingiverse, but it is good to remember that in order to obtain optimal 3D models, tricks are required during modeling.

To get dimensionally correct parts you also need to have a professional 3D printer. We used our BCN3D Epsilon W50. All the parts were printed and assembled together by interlocks, and only because of the printing precision of the Epsilon W50 was it possible to join them together.

Falcon 9 BCN3D

Space x’s 3D printed Falcon 9


The total height of our model is approximately five feet; the landing legs open with the use of pistons and close by hooking onto the body, so it can be seen with the landing legs open or closed, as in the real model!

The whole thing was made with Polymaker’s PLA material, a filament suitable for making high-quality prototypes; the total time taken to print all the parts was approximately 7 days.

Il Falcon 9 realizzato con la BCN3D Epsilon W50

Do you want to print the Falcon 9 as well ?


On Thingiverse you can find all STL files for 3D printing the various parts and a PDF guide for assembling the various parts.

Product design


In-house desktop 3D printing allows product designers to turn their ideas into physical models and get feedback in only a matter of hours, making product development far more efficient.

Create low-volume batches of end-use parts with industrial-grade materials that closely match common injection-molded plastics.

Reduce costs by verifying a design before investing in molds and tooling that can become useless.

Turn conceptual ideas into prototypes in a matter of days and rapidly iterate designs with no cost penalties. Check size, shapes and geometries again and again.

BCN3D Printers in Product design

Reliable dual extrusion 3D printing with IDEX technology

IDEX architecture is the most reliable and neat solution on the market when it comes to dual extrusion technology. This is because the two extruders work independently when printing water-soluble supports or multi-material parts. While one extruder is printing the second one is parked, preventing the drip of molten plastic into the part. Conventional dual extrusion printers have both extruders together, which may result in filament threads left on the piece.

bcn3d idex

Big volume with the biggest printing surface

The BCN3D Epsilon offers a large print volume of 420x300x400mm. The main advantage of this feature is its proportions, offering the largest printing surface on the market with an incredible height of 400mm. This allows to print the vast majority of parts that are manufactured.

High-performance materials for professional prototyping

BCN3D Filaments are manufactured by BASF and Mitsubishi Chemical, two of the most renowned chemical corporations in the world. Their reputation in the manipulation and production of plastic materials, along with the advanced plastic processing techniques, allows BCN3D to provide the filaments with more repeatability of the market. Each spool will consistently show the same quality and will always offer the same results.

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